Located at 8800 Katy Freeway, The Villages Gym is a personal training studio with a long-standing reputation for excellent trainers and a neighborhood feel.

Heather Sholl

Heather Sholl has a 20 year career in personal training and a passion for creating social change. What appears to be a gym is also a two story roof over a few BIG dreams that bring together fitness and philanthropy. The Villages Gym is the home for personal training, fuelbomb smoothies and the Fitness Bombshells - fbombs for short. Revenue from each project supports 501c3 organizations including Boot Campaign, The Monarch School and Girls on the Run, respectively.

When she is not chasing dreams in the gym with clients, Heather keeps busy watching her musician husband sing on stage and her twin 5 year old boys swing from chandeliers.


Derek Sholl

Derek Sholl is a jack of all trades. He is a natural born athlete whose athletic skills led him to play college football, baseball and golf. His accomplishments resulted in a trip to the minor leagues for the Kansas City Royals and recently, a place in the Hall of Fame at Los Angeles Harbor College. After injuries forced him to retire from baseball, he became a singer/songwriter with a career that took him across the country and landed him in Texas. Here he met Heather and they began a new life in Houston with dreams of settling down and starting a business together. Derek’s love for competition and coaching is his greatest asset to his clients.

When he is not analyzing his clients progress and goals, he is singing as a frontman for Drywater Band and coaching his twin 5 year olds to throw spirals and shoot free throws.

Living your best life just got a lot easier.
— Heather & Derek